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Behavior of Grace - Treatment

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Behavior of Grace

Treatment, 3/25/2023

K’Tohri Ross




A constellation turned human must fight to regain possession of her stolen powers in order to save the lives of her kidnapped niece and dying stepson.




Carina - A powerless constellation abandoned on earth has reinvented herself as a human being. Unable to have children of her own, she wholeheartedly takes on the role of wife and stepmother to an ungrateful family. Suddenly she is faced with the choice to remain on earth or return to outer space sacrificing her dreams.


Gemini – A constellation who takes his devious, quick-witted, playful nature entirely too far.


Vela – A constellation, Carina’s best friend and sister-in-law who believes that her mother-in-law is who she claims to be.


Leo – Carina’s father who has no interest in life on earth nor dealings with humans. He has no respect for his daughter because she is the complete opposite. However, when faced with a battle, it’s family over everything.




Last winter in outer space Aries, in the form of a powerful ram and constellation, approached Leo. The lion, who is also her ex-husband, was not interested in anything she had to say, nor did he feel threatened by her actions. Aries attacked him! Embedded in Leo’s neck is a large silver disk known as a drachma. It possesses star power and belongs to their daughter Carina. The battle is intense. Aries knocks the drachma out of his chest. It soars towards the earth. As it breaks through the atmosphere it brings with it a terrible thunder-snow storm. This heavenly battle moves to the ground. Lightning flashes. Thunder booms! Aries and Leo burn up everything in sight!

At the same time, we meet 7-year-old Haven, who is infatuated with all things outer space. From her bedroom window Haven witnesses the entire thing. She prepares to go outside to meet Aries and Leo.

Our protagonist Carina refers to her drachma as “Big D.” Like a comet, Big D shoots through the air in search of its rightful owner. It finds her. Her missing power is restored. With very little power due to their age Leo and Aries stand in the middle of nowhere. He reverts to human form. For some unknown reason, Aries does not transform completely. She is half human and half ram.

Carina decides to remove her power and hide it. However, Kash her manipulative “husband” finds out about it and takes possession of the coin in order to keep Carina in her place… submitted to him. For different reasons Carina, Kash, Aries, and Leo want the drachma! It passes through each of their hands. To say the least, this family is divided!

Their motives change when a huge slice of Carina’s heart, her stepson Beefy, is shot. The drachma is the only thing that can save his life. To make this happen Carina must give up her place on earth in exchange for her spot in outer space. She, Kash, and Leo align.

Aries spends most of her time on earth with Haven, her granddaughter. But something about this grandmother is “off!” Upon their first encounter Haven and Leo become suspicious of Aries. They align. Haven discovers that Gemini has taken over Aries. They hijacked her body and are using it to get close to Haven, who upon her eighth birthday will receive the most powerful drachma that has ever existed. They kidnap Haven.

As we seize the sword all secrets are revealed. Leo and Carina catch up with Gemini in space. The fight is a cosmic battle that ends with Haven getting hurled back through the atmosphere. Against her wishes, Carina remains in outer space. Aries is still in captivity. Beefy is gifted with the power of Big D. And Haven is now the world’s most powerful being. This family in their ordinary world was divided. In the afterlife they are a united front.

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